The Last 5 Years

Well, where to begin.

It’s been 5 years since my last blog post on this site. In that time, I’ve:

  • Changed companies once, leaving VIA Rail and joining Xplornet Communications
  • Changed my job a number of times, though I’ve kept the same title
  • Got engaged
  • Got married
  • Bought a house
  • Lost my father
  • Had my first kid – a beautiful daughter, named Annie

It’s been quite a ride, and throughout those 5 years, I’ve thought about returning to my personal blog. Life has a way of foiling our best laid plans. While I was expanding my skills and immersing myself in my work and my personal life, I stopped making time to share what I’d been learning, and I really do regret that. That said, spending more time with my family these last few years is something I’ll never regret, and expanding my digital marketing skills beyond social media marketing has been so rewarding – I have new love for growth marketing, data analytics, content marketing, SEO, SEM, coding, and more.

I’ve met some wonderful people thanks to the connections I used to make through my blog, on Twitter and speaking publicly. I miss these connections, and hope I can get reacquainted with old friends and colleagues while meeting new, super smart people. I’ll try to share more regularly here, on Twitter, on Medium, and elsewhere, and will gladly jump back into the conversations my industry colleagues have been carrying on in my absence. Please be gentle 🙂

You can’t change the last 5 years, but you can always work on the next 5.



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