About The Caffeinated Imagination

We’ve all been there. It’s the late afternoon, you’ve been working hard all day in meetings and building presentations. You need a boost to get you that much further, to help get your brain back on track. You head to your nearest barista and order your caffeinated beverage of choice.

What follows is a rush of energy fueled by this liquid goodness. Any and every request is possible now! Items that have sat flagged in your inbox for months are completed with a simple stroke of brilliance! You’ve even developed a new organizational system for your desk that’s sure to increase your productivity 8% Y.O.Y.!

While you’re smack in the middle of this flow of creative and productivity zen, you go for another sip of inspiration. Oh no, your cup is empty! You realize time is short now, it won’t be long before that spreadsheet looks like a spreadsheet again, instead of the brilliant marketing plan you envisioned it to be just moments before. What you would give to continue down this path to marketing nirvana! As you lose momentum, you throw the chalice that held the magical elixir to the side, angry at it for being empty so soon. You close your workstation and sit there thinking to yourself:

If only I had another cup of Caffeinated Imagination.

While I can’t make a latte or double whip no fat caramel machiado, I hope I can help provide you with that same rush of energy and creativity that comes from a cup of joe. In these pages, you’ll find various ideas covering advertising, social media, management, branding and other items that float the marketing and sales boat. My hope is to be that spark that helps you on the path to creating something great. My ideas here are my own, and they can only take the topic so far. I leave it up to you to take these ideas to the next level, picking up where my Caffeinated Imagination has left off. When one cup is empty, another is full, ready to fuel the next breakthrough. This is the power of the collective Caffeinated Imagination.

About Richard

Richard is that guy you know that loves business, marketing, and social media. You know, that guy that’s so passionate that he wants to share everything he knows with everyone he meets? Sure, his unbridled enthusiasm seems like it’s fueled by some insane coffee blend, but that’s just his natural level of excitement. He loves to share, inspire, innovate and create. And he’s here to do that with you.

Email him: richard (dot) marginson (at) gmail (dot) com

Tweet him: @RickyInMotion

Link(edIn) to him: Richard Marginson


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